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For ages, the human mind has been continuously nourishing its basic curiosity towards understanding the laws of functioning of the Mother Nature through researches in the fundamental science. The physical aspect of the same is clearly visible in terms of countless benefits which the humanity is deriving today through the advancements of engineering and technology, for which; again, the basic science plays the role of the central nervous system. Adhering to the same ideology, the department of Engineering Sciences of the MAE, Alandi, continues to contribute towards the academic research addressing various fundamental problems of high significance in modern science.

The faculty members of the department, with the high level of academic and research competencies, continue to involve themselves deeply working in various areas of pure and applied mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biophysics. These areas mainly include the research problems associated with the subjects of microwaves and millimeter waves, electrochemistry, polymer synthesis chemically/ enzymatically, enzyme mediated water purification, fluorescence spectroscopy, kinetics of ultra fast reactions, biophysics of protein folding and protein dynamics, coumarin based fluorescent probes, alternative biochemical treatments of hereditary diseases etc. And the list of the same continues to increase with the increased participation of the junior researchers being encouraged to propose the research proposals to various supporting agencies. The faculties are encouraged and supported not only to conduct their research in-campus but also derive benefits of collaborative approach with the offcampus research expertise. The institute also has special prospectus for the researchers the details of which could be available from the R & D section of the website.


Research Achievements:

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    6. List of books published by faculty/staff
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