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The Department of E&TC Engineering has formulated a student association “Electronics & Communication Organization of Developing Engineers” in February 2006. (hereinafter referred as “ENCODE” )


ENCODE is the brainchild of the faculty, staff and students of the Department of E&TC Engineering and is the result of enormous hard work and determination. The E&TC Department is proud to be a trendsetter for setting up such a technical organization in MAE Alandi, laying emphasis on student empowerment and personality development. In addition to the creative awareness about ever changing technological issues, ENCODE stands as a platform for nurturing confidence, courage and competitive spirit among students alike to improve upon their knowledge and help them to greater avenues

The association believes in developing healthy competition among all members, creating friendly relationships among students and making them better individuals. Information exchange is one of the important tasks of the association where in the information needs to be changed to knowledge, screened through discretion and finally manifested in the form of application. For the student members of ENCODE, this is a time of inner growth. 

This is a platform engineered to enable the student community work in unison to shape and bring out their effective skills concerning teamwork, management, communication, information gathering/sharing and creative problem solving. The intention is to inspire them to explore the un-chartered frontiers beyond the realm of the course work. The role of the Department is merely advisory and students are the sole executors of their innovative endeavors.

With continual efforts from all the concerned and active patronage from management, we are positive that ENCODE would achieve the goals which it has set for itself.


The association aims to,

  • Inculcate professionalism in attitude and conduct among its members
  • Broaden the knowledge base of its members in the area of Electronics & Telecommunications
  • Be informed about the latest trends in the field of E&TC
  • Be a facilitator, and mentor for solving the problems of its members


of the students

by the students

for the students


ENCODE will achieve its aims by,

  • Organizing talks and lectures by eminent persons from leading educational, R&D institutions and industry
  • Organize technical workshops, seminars, symposiums, conferences, exhibitions for upgrading the technical knowledge of students.
  • Encouraging and motivating members to publish papers in conferences and journals of national and international repute
  • Engaging and actively participating in projects in industry and R&D establishments
  • Organizing and encouraging participation in departmental, inter departmental and inter institutional co-curricular and extra curricular activities for the holistic development of its members
  • Organizing field visits to industries, R&D establishments and organizations promoting research to gain first hand knowledge

Executive Council

The affairs of ENCODE are governed by an Executive Council comprising of students from all the classes and co-ordinated by a Faculty Advisor.


Executive Council for 2009-10  

Chief Patron : Dr. Sunil Karad : Executive Director
Patron : Dr. Y. J. Bhalerao : Principal
    Prof. Z. C. Bendale : Head - E & TC Engg.
Faculty Advisor : Prof. S. S. Lokhande : Faculty - E & TC Engg.
President : Mr. Vinayak Sakhare : BE
Vice – President : Mr. Nehalkumar Parate : BE
Secretary : Mr. Vicky Khandelwal : TE
Joint Secretary : Mr.Fahd Maguey : SE
Treasurer : Mr. Harshavardhan : TE
Invited Members : Mr. Amit Patil : BE
  : Mr. Amit Wawdhane : TE
  : Mr Gaurav Bhatt : SE
Members : All students of E & TC Department
Hon. Members : All faculty & staff associated with E & TC Department



SPECTRUM-10 Inter-Departmental Non-Technical Event  
Date :
1st & 2nd April, 2010
Events :
General Quiz
  Sports Quiz
  Pocket Tanks
  Slow & Pro Biking
  Treasure Hunt
  Talent Hunt


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